Monday, September 19, 2011

Controversial knockout of Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was victorious over Victor Ortiz during their fight entitled Star power. Before the fight of Mayweather and Ortiz a lot of people are saying that this might be Mayweather's first loss because Ortiz has a potential to defeat Mayweather the fact that Ortiz is much younger and he came from an impressive win over Andre Berto but I guess they are wrong as Mayweather knocked out Ortiz on the 4th round of their bout.

But it was not a convincing knocked out as lot people are saying including me. I wasn't able to watch it live because I was on a vacation until I came home last night and good thing I found a channel that replayed the fight and i was also disappointed not to Ortiz but to Floyd Mayweather payday, Although I hate Mayweather the truth is I want him to win so that the Fight between Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather will push trough.

Although it was called the Controversial knockout of Floyd Mayweather, still he manage to dominate all 4 rounds of there bout his punches keeps on connecting and hitting Ortiz but during the 4th round and on the last minute Victor Ortiz got Maywearher in the corner and made a lot combinations but unfortunately he accidentaly or intentionally head butted Mayweather and Joe Cortez(referee) had deducted 1 point each judge to Ortiz and Ortiz immediately approach Mayweather and apologize to him and even kiss him in the cheeks then when Joe Cortez is ready to continue the bout again, Ortiz tried to apologize with hands down to Mayweather again and boom he took advantage of the situation and knocked Ortiz out even Joe Cortez was shocked that Ortiz was already on the ground. The corner of Ortiz is complaining about the incident because of the misscommunication of the referee.

Well for me, Mayweather didn't deserve that win, for not giving his opponent a chance to be prepared, and Mayweather told HBO that they already touch gloves and still ortiz didn't protect himself but if you'll watch the replay of that moment, they didn't even touch gloves. But the good part is, The Mayweather Pacquiao fight is still on and I hope that Manny Pacquiao will win his fight against Marquez.

Controversial knockout of Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd is also known as floyd mayweather payday, thats why in almost all of my post about floyd i keep on referring to him as floyd mayweather payday


isp101 said...

I was watching it live via PPV, it just made me upset, I felt like I was watching WWE! Pure non-sense, the referee saw the headbutt, but, didn't see the "cheat" when Gayweather punched Ortiz while he was still apologizing. He was obviously caught off guard. What a stupid fight!

Blobber-Boy said...

@ISP101-actually, mayweather has a point of protect yourself at all times but he should have gime ortiz a chance to be ready, because its much better if you'll beat your opponent at his best.

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