Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Easy steps to change back to the Old Facebook

This is just a short post about the recent update of Facebook and later on I'm going to show you an Easy Steps to change back to the Old Facebook.

Just this day Facebook has made some changes again and as expected a lot of Facebook users are confused again with the new layout, and are used to the Old Facebook. I myself was confused on where did my Profile button go, how can I see the recent posts in my news feed and so on. If you're on of those who liked the new change of Facebook then this post isn't for you but If you are concerned with your friends who want's the Old Facebook back then you can share this post in your wall, so that everybody ca see it. :)

Easy steps to change back to the Old Facebook

Step 1: On the Upper right of your Facebook account locate the arrow that is pointing down, beside's the home button. Click it

Step 2: Click Account Settings.

Step 3: Click Language and choose ENGLISH (UK) not (US)!

and VOOOILLLA!!!! you're back to the Old Facebook. :)

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Semidoppel said...

yeah, I've done this one, it works

Blobber-Boy said...

@Semidoppel-thanks for visiting bro

Aj Banda said...

it looks like English UK version is update too... aw..

I guess we need to embrace the changes anyway... or should we shift to G+... hahahaha

Blobber-Boy said...

@aj-yup sad to say but the UK version is already updated, we will just have to be used to the new changes of Facebook just like the past updates of FB

Zurcaled said...

Hey Blobber-Boy, just received your message via hhtp:// and yeah sure of course we can exchange links ;-)Nice entry you got here but yeah FB UK also embraced the changes, I think if given time, these changes will prove its worth ;-)

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