Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 is finally here!

At last the long wait is over, The Walking Dead Season 2 is finally here!
It's been almost a year since they ended Season 1 with only 6 episodes.

by the way for those who are not aware of The Walking Dead, It is a Zombie suspense thriller TV series that was first aired last October 31, 2010 in US It is based on an ongoing comic book series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman.
I think this is the first time that a Zombie show was made as a TV series and for the Zombie lovers or suspense-thriller seekers out there, I know you'll love this show.

The Walking Dead centers on a group of survivors led by Sheriif's Deputy Rick Grimes (the guy in the poster) and his Family and there looking for other survivors from town to town.

Season 2 will have 13 episodes compared to season with only 6 episodes. The Walking Dead season premier will be on October 16, 2011 in US and Canada only and on October 21 2011 ( 22 here in the Philippines ) will be the set date internationally.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Full Trailer

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Simurgh said...

Finally it's back!!!
Can't wait.. :)

Blobber-Boy said...

@simurgh-me too, can't wait to watch the first episode of season 2, thanks for visiting :)

Relle said...

Hi! what channel will the Walking Dead 2 air in Philippines? my cable provider is Sky Cable and so far its previous host "FX Asia" is no longer available.

Anonymous said...

Only one more day! The closer it gets the more psyched I get for the premiere of The Walking Dead. It and Breaking Bad are my two favorite dramas on TV right now and this time around I’ll be able to watch it as it goes, instead of letting it build up on my DVR and trying to cram all my programming in while I’m at home. I travel a ton so I’m usually out of town when it airs but being a DISH Network employee / subscriber I heard about DISH’s TV everywhere technology and picked it up. With this I can stream any and all of my programming anywhere I go to a variety of mobile devices (I generally use my iPad or my laptop). It’s so convenient to be able to take my entertainment with me like that, so I can watch my programming in the hotel rooms instead of being at the mercy of whatever that particular room has available.

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