Friday, September 23, 2011

Pilipinas Smart Gilas Advance to Quarterfinals of FIBA Asia 2011

Go Philippines!! wuhooo!!, Pilipinas Smart Gilas has been consistent for the past games as they won all the 3 games in the Group F of the second round of Fiba Asia 2011.

Their first game in the second round was, Jordan with 72-64, Jordan was not an easy team to beat but our national team has defeated them with the new system of Coach Toroman, and the second game was against Japan with 83-76, this was a big boost for our national team because Japan is considered as one of the power house team in asia and their are the top team in their group in the first round of Fiba Asia. And the last team is Syria with 75-52, in this game our national team were almost defeated by Syria but the good thing is during the second half a lot of players stepped up and they manage to get the lead before the 3rd quarter ends.

Now the Smart Gilas rank second behind China in Group F.
The top 4 of both Groups, Group E and Group F will crossover. Crossover means Top 1 of Group E will compete against Top 4 of Group F, while top 2 of Group E will go up against Top 3 of Group F, Top 3 of Group E against Top 2 of Group F and top 4 of Group E Vs Top 1 of Group F.

Here are the teams of both Group:

Group E
1. Iran
2. Korea
3. Ch. Taipei
4. Lebanon

Group F
1. China
2. Philippines
3. Japan
4. Jordan

The format of the quarter finals, semifinals and Finals.

Breaking NEWS!!!
the power house team IRAN has been defeated by Jordan and will advance to the Semifinals
and will be waiting for the winner of Philippines and Taipei, this is a good news for us, let's just hope and pray that tonight Philippines will defeat Ch. Taipei so we will go up against Jordan, as we all know that we already defeated Jordan in the second round so we have a high chance of going to the Finals!! GO PHILIPPINES!!!

Let's support our national team later, If you want to watch the game tonight, it will be broadcast on IBC 13.

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bennix @ bennixville said...

Hope they will bring home the beacon.Let's give them our support.Thanks for sharing pre...:)

Blobber-Boy said...

@sir bennix-yup, lets hope and pray!!

Mark Hoel Yu said...

this game would be exciting! wish I could watch it but i have work. but i'll keep myself posted though. thanks for sharing!

Blobber-Boy said...

@mark- thanks for visiting sir mark

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

huhuhu! sad we didn't make it. Sayang yun. Pero in fairness, as compared with our previous records, tumaas ang standings. Ok na rin. Points for the effort

Semidoppel said...

Sadly, they didn't make it

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