Monday, September 19, 2011

Blobber Boy's first blogging award!

As I was scanning my facebook account, checking some of my friends updates, group updates, fanpage updates and messages, one message caught my attention it was from Sir Ralph Rollon the owner of Trunk Locker, the message was about an award and when I checked the link, I was shocked at what I saw. I won a Liebster Blog award!! my first ever blog award yipeee!!!!

Liebster award came from Germany which means friend or love, Liebster award is given to the new bloggers.

I consider myself as a newbie blogger although my blog has been in the blog industry for almost 3 years, but after posting my first 20+ posts I stopped from blogging for more than 1 year and just this summer 2011 I started again to be active in blogging and wanted to gain more blogger friends and readers.

Blobber Boy's first blogging award!

"choosing my 5 fave bloggers in high hopes that all of you will be able to follow and liebster (lol) these guys as I would. (Please do the same to those I chose as Stylish and Versatile bloggers.)

So, I'm giving liebster to the following...

Jenny O'Toole author of From Jenny with Love. Loved the reality. Real experiences... real people... real life. Philippines to Europe... gutsy, may I say.

Zennia Zamora of Zen Encounters. Loved the simplicity of details and the candidness of her works.

Amy writes the My Leisure Blog. Loved the pictures and how she captures each one of it... in an artist's perspective.

Michael Ferrer, the person behind Blobbs of B-boy. Loved the updates with some of the twists from the blobber's personal insights.

Last but definitely not the least... the Nurses' Journal. My favorite writer, the love of my life... when it comes to this blog, let's just say I'm biased... and loving it. (lol)

Yahweh bless...

If you don't believe me check it for yourself :)


Roy said...

nice blog.

happy blogging

Good Filipino said...

wow congrats bro :) the best ka!

Blobber-Boy said...

@sir roy-thanks for dropping by sir and for liking my page

@Brenn-haha thanks bro, natuwa tlga ako dito hehe

Blobber Man said...

Hi Blobber boy, I am so proud of you my son.
Keep it up!

Blobber-Boy said...

@Blobber Man-Thanks to you my mentor hahaha

Jomar Lipon said...

Congratulations to you for winning and having your own domain. Cheers!

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