Monday, September 19, 2011

Another coward move by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

After posting my recent article about the Controversial knockout of Floyd Mayweather Jr., A few hours later I saw an article on Yahoo Philippines entitled "No more showdown?" as I read the post My blood was boiling in anger because the post was about Mayweather's press conference after his fight between Victor Ortiz, of course a lot of reporters are now focusing and questioning Mayweather on a future fight between him and Manny Pacquiao and of course the arrogant/coward boxer told the reporters that he doesn't need Manny Pacquiao. I'll post all of Mayweather's answer to the press.

Another coward move by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"I don't need Pacquiao"

"I don't need him. Where was Pacquiao in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 when I was dominating the game? He never asked me (for a fight) when I was in my twenties or when I was in my teens."

"Sugar Ray Leonard, we knew he was going to be great from his Olympic days," "Michael Jordan, we knew from college he was going to be a great professional.
"Floyd Mayweather, from the beginning of his career in the '90s, we knew he was going to be a great professional. Now ask yourself, a fighter just don't get to 25 years old and all of a sudden he becomes great,"
(referring to Manny Pacquaio)

"Pacquiao is famous because he is attached to my name,"

"When they say Pacquiao, they say that's the guy they are trying to get to fight Floyd Mayweather. When they say Floyd Mayweather, they say the greatest ever. All Pacquiao is doing is fighting my leftovers man."

"Before he goes about fighting Floyd Mayweather, he has to get his business in order. We're talking about a guy that gives up, when he fights, 30 percent of his check to two different companies. I keep 100 percent of the revenue."

-Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Maybe almost all of my fellow Filipino's who will read this post will be very angry also the fact that Mayweather already agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao during his press conference before his fight against Victor Ortiz.

What a coward boxer, this is very disappointing for all of the boxing fans out there, everybody wants to see Manny Pacquiao go up against Mayweather but I guess he doesn't have the balls(excuse me for the word :)) to fight Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather is also knows as floyd mayweather payday

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Career Mom Online said...

one day, he'll kiss the canvas real hard and still won't shut up ... the guy is a sore loser ... no more, no less ...

Blobber-Boy said...

@career mom- yup you're definitely right!

Bennix said...

I am not impress on all his winning records.Bukod kasi sa napakaitim nya, an itim din kasi ng budhi at pag-uugali nya.hahhahhah.!

The fyt with Victor Ortiz was the most clumsy fight I have ever watch in pro level done by

Biboy Ordinario said...

The first will be last and the last will be first... This moment will come no sooner to Mayweather :)

-mark- said...

Im not that disappointed coz Im not a fan of boxing though I have a great respect for Pacquio, and I find Mayweather so arrogant.

Meg said...

So disappointing... Nakakapanggigil haha!

Blobber-Boy said...

@Bennix-you're right that fight was so clumsy

@biboy-I hope so hehe

@mark-even if you're not a boxing fan once you'll see how the way he talks you'll be pissed at him

@Meg-tama nakakapanggigil aaaarrrrrgggg!!! hehehe

isp101 said...

All I can say is, GAYWEATHER is full of crap! LMAO! =)

Blobber-Boy said...

@isp101-you're right sir jomi, FULL of CRAP!!

Marga C said...

what a loser. full of bs! (woops sory guys)

Blobber-Boy said...

@marga c- it's ok, thats the truth :)

Boffill said...

He's full of bulls**t crap. If he's the greatest fighter ever, then why can't he schedule a fight with Pacquiao. He's just coward and gayest of the gay.

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