Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who's next for Manny Pacquiao?

After the Pacquio Mosley fight, wherein Manny Pacquiao won by Unanimous decision the big question is who's next for Manny Pacquiao?
Personally I don't want that the Pacquiao Mosley Fight would be the last fight of Manny, because it was a darn boring fight, with Mosley retreating in most rounds and Pacquiao isn't in a 100% condition, he admits that his legs is bothering him. but at least Pacquiao made Mosley escape most of the time because Mosley felt the Power of Pacquiao on the third round, well that's past now, Let's focus on the future, I think everybody as in everybody including myself wants to see a Pacquiao Mayweather bout, I hope and pray that this time Mayweather will agree to fight Pacquiao, because this Mayweather has so many reasons or excuses not to fight Pacquiao and if there'll be no Pacquiao Mayweather, there are some rumors that Pacquiao might go against Juan Manuel Marquez, I think it's also a good fight because both of them has an Unfinished business, there first encounter was a draw but a lot of people thought that Pacquiao should've won that fight for knocking down Marquez 3 times in round 3(I'm not sure if it's round 3) then the second encounter it was Pacquiao who came victorious, but this time a lot of people thought that it should be Marquez that won that bout, so they really need to settle this one, and a lot of boxing analyst said that Marquez has the key to unlocking Pacquiao's weakness, because after there second bout Pacquiao admitted that he had a hard time with Marquez because he is a different counter puncher. With that said, I think a Pacquiao Marquez fight is still a good fight but of course that should not be Pacquiao's last fight because before Manny retires, we want to see a Mayweather fight!!!

who should Manny Pacquiao fight next?
Do you want Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Juan Manuel Marquez?

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