Monday, August 1, 2011

The Planking craze

The Planking craze

What is this Planking craze that is spreading all over different social networking sites even some of the news channels around the world. To give you a little bit of history about Planking, It all started in Australia last 2006 when two students posted pictures of themselves participating in the Lying down game, there you go just a very short history of it,
now what is Planking?
Planking is basically the act of lying facedown and just like my short history of planking, the term planking originated in Australia and its just a new name for the lying down game. Now I'll teach you how to plank, first step is, put your body facedown to the ground, or any kind of surface like tables, chairs, etc. and the second step is your hands must be at the side of your body and your toes pointed and voila!!! you're already planking, isn't that easy?, even babies can do planking, I'm not kidding I'll show you some pictures later, but if you want to put your planking to the next level, the challenge would be to put your planking on an unusual location, like on escalators, tree branches, on top of your car etc. the wilder the better. But Planking alone will not be consider as Planking, the purpose of planking is to share it to the world, you should have a partner that will take a photo of you while you do your planking and you can share it to facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites so that everybody can appreciate your planking.

Just a reminder Planking is not 100% safe, there was an incident in Australia that a man died because of Planking, he tried to plank on his balcony, falling 7 stories to the ground, just like all pro plankers say, Plank at your own risk and Safe Planking.

here are some pictures I've gathered from the net so you'll have a better idea on what planking looks like.

here is a photo of Javale McGee of the Washington Wizards Planking on the court during a game he played in the Philippines.

and here are pictures of me planking :)

To see more people Planking Visit the Official Facebook Fan page of Planking

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EngrMoks said...

lol. Gusto ko tong subukan... kaso mahirap mukha akong tanga, okay sana mung marami kami.

moshpit09 said...

@sir moks, yup, masaya to kung marami kayo, yung pics ko kasma mga ka officemates ko hehe, try it sir and share mo some pics said...

lolz! it would be more challenging to do planking in the middle of a highway with lots of cars passing by

moshpit09 said...

@infohiway-that would be too risky LOL

thanks for dropping by

MC said...

Haha this is funny cute. I've seen my cousins in the US do the planking : P

Thanks for visiting my page. I love your site, keep it up! (added you on my list too!) XO

Blobber-Boy said...

@MC-thanks for adding me to your list, hope you can visit my blog regularly thanks again

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