Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rumors about the iPhone 5

Rumors about the iPhone 5

I already have an iPhone 3GS but I was planning to buy an iPhone 4 and a friend of mine suggested that I'd better wait for the iPhone 5 rather than buying the iPhone 4, so I searched the net and asked some of my geeky friends on what are the new features that Apple will add on the iPhone 5 and when will it be released, and so I have gathered some rumors, yup you're right it's just rumors and not yet official, so here it is.

I've seen some rumors that Apple wont only release one new iPhone but two new iPhones, First the iPhone 5 and the other one will be the iPhone 4S, and it will be just like the iPhone 3G specs and of course thats much cheaper than the iPhone 5, there are speculations that the iPhone 4S will be $350 and it will be available completely off contract you wont be worrying about 2-3 years contract with a telecommunication company and this iPhone 4S will be a great way for apple to compete against some of the new and lower end androids that's flooding the market. And now we go to the iPhone 5 which is rumored to be released this coming September with an announcement this late August and that wont be long because where in the last week of July already so about 3-4 weeks we will know what Apple has in stored for us. and here are the expected new features of the iPhone 5:

1. LARGER SCREEN perhaps 4 Inches and an edge to edge display
3. 8 MEGA PIXEL CAMERA and probably manufactured by SONY
4. IOS5

Just found this on the net :)

So that's it, these are just some speculations, so I guess we'll have to wait for the official announcements of Apple.

feel free to share guys and comment on what other rumors have you heard regarding the new iPhone models.

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EngrMoks said...

pre mukhang gusto ko rin nito, ang astig tignan.

Pareho tayo iPhone 3Gs din ang gamit ko.

moshpit09 said...

gusto ko rin nito, pero iI doubt na may mga flaws pa yung mga iphone 5 na early release, parang yung iphone 4 nung una, yung signal problem hehe

thanks for dropping buy sir moks

kRyStLe said...

thanks for dropping by my site.. hope you can also visit my other blog -

moshpit09 said...

@Krystle-suree, thanks for visiting my site

Santelmo said...

tempting but no. ^_^ i would still prefer to have a BB. that's my dream phone. if BBM came in cheap or for free, our family would have opted for BB's long before... ^_^

although, as a mac lover, i guess my dad would love to have an iPhone 5 all for himself. ^_^

moshpit09 said...

@Santelmo- yeah maybe your dad would love this, try to win another contest for him :)

thanks for visitng bro

isp101 said...

I thought I have posted a comment here yesterday, hmmm... Well, I suggest you wait for iphone5, it looks very promising! =)

BloggerDude said...

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moshpit09 said...

@Blogger-thanks for dropping by, yup my blog is almost 2 years but I haven't been active in blogging during my first year, hope you can visit my blog regularly thanks

renevic | palaboy said...

Well, still have the patience to wait for iphone 5 =)

Blobber-Boy said...

@renevic-yup, I'll be waiting also for the iphone 5, instead of buying iphone 4

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