Friday, August 19, 2011

Instagram: Blobbs of B-boy's App of the week

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post, I haven't had the time to make a new post for the past week, but now I'm back for our BLOBBS OF B-BOY'S APP OF THE WEEK.

This would be my second App of the week, the first app that I featured in my blog was the VLC Media Player, you could check that out also.

Now for our App of the week I'm going to pick, (drum roll)...tadaann!!! INSTAGRAM

What the hell is INSTAGRAM???

INSTAGRAM is a photo application for iPod touch 4th gen, iPhone, and iPad. well that sums it up :). I know you'll ask what so special about this App? well Instagram is not your ordinary photo application that could take pictures of yourself, sorroundings, loved ones, people etc. after taking pictures it lets you add preset filters to your photos to make it more beautiful, and there are a lot of choices of filters, but majority of the filters are more vintage/retro effect in it, like Lomo, black and white, sepia tone, grungy black and white and many more.
But wait there's more!! LOL, Instagram doesn't end by shooting photographs and choosing your desired filter, the photo's doesnt just end in your photo library but you could share this also, because Instagram is also like a Social Networking site, a lot of people are saying that this app is a Twitter for Photograph. In this app you could create an Instagram Account and you could share those vintagy looking photos to the world and your friends could follow you and you could follow them so every time you post a photo they could see it, they could like and comment to your photos, so it's like a photo sharing community and the good thing is, a lot of local and hollywood celebrities are into Instagram also so you could follow them and see their photos. so what are you waiting for, grab your iPod touches, iPhone and iPad and download Instagram, ooopps i forgot to say, this App is absolutely FREE!!!, but unfortunately it's only for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. But you could share this post to your friends. :)

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EngrMoks said...

at meron ako neto sa iphone ko..nakkaadik pre. Parang twitter na photo-update

Blobber-Boy said...

@sir moks-oo nga nakakaadict, ano name mo sa instagram follow kita

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