Friday, August 5, 2011

Christopher Lao: The man that wasn't informed

Christopher Lao: The man that wasn't informed

The past few days, the name Christopher Lao was all over different social networking sites, like ,facebook, twitter, tumblr and many more and I guess most of Filipinos now are aware of Christopher Lao, but to those who aren't aware of this man, well Christopher Lao had became an internet sensation because of his famous act, driving his car in to the flood, and the bad thing is he didn’t know that the flood was too deep therefore his car floated in the flood, lucky for him that there are some good Samaritans that volunteered to push the car away from the flooded area of the road but another bad thing is he was caught on camera by GMA News and he was interviewed by the reporter asking why did he push through the fact that there was a flooded area in the middle of the road and Christopher Lao only blamed almost everyone The MMDA, the people around him even the reporter of GMA News so instead of admitting his mistake Christopher Lao blamed everyone and because of his statements, a lot of people posted hate comments on different social networking sites, some even made a fan page of him and his name even made it to the trending topic worldwide yesterday but there were also some people who defended him.

Now here’s my own opinion about this incident. I think some are not aware that Christopher Lao is a UP Law Graduate so I think that his Pride got into him during the Interview and he didn’t want to admit at that time the mistake that he did because he already knew that he was in a shameful situation therefore he just defended himself, well to Mr. Lao, there’s no harm on admitting your mistakes, If only he had the courage to say "I took a risk but found out that I was wrong but no worries the good thing is I’m safe and thankful for the people who help push my car out of the flood." the interview would have end right there.

Here is a video of Christopher Lao.

Here is a Transcript of the Interview:

Christopher Lao: I think this a problem with the traffic enforcers as well, for example the MMDA, because they should have already blocked the road.

Reporter: Hindi mo ba alam na ganun sya kalalim?

Christopher Lao: Wala! Kasi tingnan mo oh, who will tell me, who will tell me? Really? Did you guys even tell me?

Reporter: Ah well, nandito kami [sa kabila ng baha]…

Christopher Lao: Oh yun, sino ba yung mga nandoon?

Reporter: …na-surprise nga kami… [unintelligible]

Christopher Lao: Eh sino yung mga nandoon sa side na yun? Did, did anyone tell—Wala! Nobody even stopped! Nobody informed! It’s like, people were waiting for someone to just do that.

Reporter: Pero hindi mo ba na-realize na malalim?

Christopher Lao: Why do you info—why do i—Bakit ako? Diba? (laughs ironically) Dapat i-inform, i-inform, I should have been informed, yun lang yun.

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Check out the official Statement of Christopher Lao

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EngrMoks said...

Isa syang biktima ng Cyber-Bullying ngayon sa Fb at Twitter.

Blobber-Boy said...

@moks- oo nga sir moks, naiinis ako na naaawa sknya

Christopher Lao said...

Sayang kotse hehe

Christopher said...

He already apologized for his actions... i hope people will see beyond his imperfections... ika nga ni melanie marquez e... Do not judge my Don't judge my brother; he's not a book,” ... lol

Christopher Lao said...

The guy already apologized... so i hope people will see beyond the imperfections... ika nga ni melanie marquez e... Don't judge my brother; he's not a book,”

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