Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's Chrome Web Store?

I'm guessing that most of you are reading this post using Google Chrome, It is the most liked among the new browsers but did you know that their is more to the browsing experience of Google Chrome? I would just like to share to you guys a great thing that I discovered while browsing the net, but maybe some of you already now this but for those who are not yet aware about this discovery of mine, this post is for you :). The great discovery of mine is (drum roll!!) GOOGLE CHROME WEB STORE!!!


Basically Chrome Web Store is like the App store of Apple, you can download free and paid application which you can use and install in your computers but some of the apps are just links for example if you download the Facebook app, you'll have a Facebook Icon but once you click it you'll just be directed to Facebook, don't expect a different platform. What i love about this is the games, there are wide selections of different games here.

Locating the Chrome Web Store is easy, just click the plus icon on the tab or simply create a new tab, and you'll see the websites that you visit often and on the upper left corner you will see a text "APPS" and under it is the Chrome Web Store, Click it and you can now download your favorite free/paid Application. so have fun and explore different applications and you could share (comment below) some apps that you have downloaded already. If you want you could also share this post to your friends.

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-mark- said...

hehe, ang nadownload ko sa chrome web store ay yang angry birds.haha, Ive got new chrome, its google chrome plus. In this browser, you can switch between goggle chrome and internet explorer..

isp101 said...

Hello, Mike! I always go to chrome web store every now and then, I've downloaded free Angry birds for google chrome and some other free apps. Tnx for sharing! =)

Blobber-Boy said...

@mark- ako rin angry birds din ang dinownload ko agad haha, gawa ka ng post about google chrome plus hehe

@sir joms- I didn't know that google has an App store also, the first app i downloaded was angry birds also haha, thanks for visiting sir joms

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