Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blog giveaways needs to have a DTI sales promotion permit

Recently I joined a Facebook group called pinoy bloggers and good thing that I have a friend that’s already a member of the group so I was able to join the group.
I decided to join this group because I wanted to be active again in blogging and I wanted to look for some blogs that I could visit, and I noticed that a lot of discussion in that group was about DTI or Department of Trade and Industry here in the Philippines, and I was so confused on why are they talking about this, but I didn’t care to read it at all until I stumbled upon a blog entry talking also about the DTI thingy, so I decided to read it as well so that I can already relate to my Facebook Group, and the DTI topic is about Blog giveaways needs to have a DTI sales promotion permit. Well personally this won’t affect me because I’m not doing any giveaways but I still decided to make a post just to inform my fellow bloggers that is not yet aware about this.

Blog giveaways needs to have a DTI sales promotion permit

Many bloggers are angry because of this issue, as we all know that many of my fellow Filipino bloggers, blog out of passion and majority of bloggers doesn’t earn much from blogging only some. Now the question is why people conduct giveaways in there blogs, well here is the list:

1. It’s a way bloggers thanks their readers.
2. It’s a way bloggers celebrate the anniversary of their blogs
3. It’s a way bloggers gain traffic to their blogs

Those are just my opinion on why bloggers do giveaways, but I haven’t seen any blog giveaways that requires there readers to purchase a product or anything, some of the requirements of some blog giveaways is just to like there Facebook fan page, Follow them on twitter, comment on their posts and some minor requirements that doesn’t allow their readers to spend even 1 peso.

Another thing that bloggers point out is that if this DTI thingy push through they’ll be having extra effort to make a giveaway because the process of getting a DTI permit is complicated, first you need to have a mayors permit and in order for you to have a mayors permit, you need to have a Barangay permit and that’s the time you can request for a DTI permit but the burden is not yet over because the approval of a DTI permit takes time maybe 2-3 working days or even maybe a week, and of course by having this requirements bloggers will have to spend some money just to have a DTI permit, even if I don’t do giveaways here in my blog I also disapproved this kind of move by the DTI, but some blogger groups wanted to have a talk with the DTI and discuss some exemption for blog giveaways DTI permit, I guess they would want to lessen the steps on the processing of a DTI permit and also the fee’s for it.

So to my fellow bloggers out there and to my readers, what do you think about his issue?
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Vt1 said...

grabe nman eto tsaka un ibang blogger ginagnwa lng nman nila un give aways just like ur reasons

Blobber-Boy said...

@Vt1-yup you're right, I hope that this thing wont push through. by the way thanks for dropping by.

Mark Hoel Yu said...

This is one of the ways in which govt generates income. It's really good that we cooperate and help the govt in generating revenues IF those revenues are properly spent for the welfare of the people.

Blobber-Boy said...

@mark-well i guess that's the good thing about this, but like what you said i really hope that it is properly spent for the welfare of the people.

thanks for dropping by

-mark- said...

natawa naman ako sa DTI, mukhang nangangailangan talaga ng pera ang gobyerno ah, balak ko pa naman pagdating ng panahon ay magbigay ng giveaways kapag naisipan kong magpacontest, may solusyon ako jan, dahil kahit giveaways ay kailangan ng permit, palitan natin ang term, from "giveaway" to "gift". Hindi ako magsasayang ng oras sa pagkuha ng permit tapos ang bibigay kong gift box of chocolate.hahaha

-napadaan lang po- :)

Blobber-Boy said...

@mark- hahaha gusto ko yang idea mo hehe, looking forward sa giveaway mo, sli ako pre a hehe

slmat pala sa pagdaan hehe daan ka ulit

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