Monday, July 25, 2011

The Ultimate All-Star Weekend in the Philippines

The Ultimate All-Star Weekend in the Philippines

For all the Basketball enthusiasts in the Philippines, Like myself, I guess last weekend was The Ultimate All-Star weekend in the Philippines, a lot of people are saying that this was called "Thrilla in Manila 2" well I guess it is, Because having the NBA Stars to play against selected PBA stars and the national team of the Philippines is a dream come true, and it's not just an ordinary NBA star, but a four rookie of the year, two 5 time NBA Champs, 1 NBA Scoring Champ and 1 reigning NBA MVP, and this are, Tyreke Evans, James Harden, Derrick Williams, Derrick Fisher, Javale Mcgee, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant. This event was really a one of a kind event here in the Philippines, but unfortunately for me I didn't get a chance to watch them LIVE, Because all the tickets are sold out, but lucky for me that there are broadcasting it, so still I had the opportunity to watch them play in the Araneta center (now called The SMART-Araneta Center). This event would not be possible if not for MR. Manny V. Pangilinan or also known as M.V.P.

The first match up of the Smart All-Stars (composed of the NBA stars) where against the PBA All-Stars, it was so funny that all of the PBA stars are really excited to play against there idols, and they where all having fun, there where some instances that some PBA stars try to have an autograph during the halftime LOL, but of course the SMART All-stars defeated the PBA STARS with a score of 123-107.
Day 2, Smart All-stars up against the National Team, the Smart-Gilas, and compared to the first match where it was all fun, The Smart Gilas Promised that they are going to be serious and it will not be just an exhibition game for them said the Coach of the National Team, and everybody watching the game saw that the National team are serious, they tried to be physical with the NBA stars and everybody noticed that the NBA stars have there game face on, not like there first match, but in the end the NBA stars where the ones who won, 98-89, but it was a good fight by the National team.

During the late minutes of the 4th quarter Manny Pacquiao arrived at the game and everybody was chanting "MANNY! MANNY!", then after the fight while everybody wants to take a picture of the NBA STARS, the NBA Stars are ganging up on Manny Pacquiao and they wanted to take a Picture of Pacquiao with them LOL and even ask Manny Tho Sign there Jerseys!. Hope that this will not be the last that NBA stars will play here, and if that day comes, I'll surely buy a ticket!

I'll post some pictures here, but I don't own this pictures, it belong to there respective owners!

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EngrMoks said...

Napanood ko ang umpisa nyan last saturday, di ko na natapos kasi antok na natok ako...

Syempre talo ang Pinas...Yun Lang!

moshpit09 said...

@EngrMoks- Yup the PBA All-Stars lost with a huge margin, but for the Day 2 of the event, Smart-Gilas showed a tremendous competitive spirit, kudos to them :)

thanks for dropping by moks :)

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