Friday, July 22, 2011

New Features of the MAC OS X LION

New Features of the MAC OS X LION

The long wait is over, the new MAC OS X LION is here, I've been waiting for this new software since last year and now it's here!!!

Last Wednesday, Apple revealed its new Lion Operating system, this is the latest version of Macintosh Computer operating system and it has over 200 additional features. And I'll be discussing some of the New features of MAC OS X LION.

Our first stop is Mission Control

Mission Control Feature Basically combines all your Exposes, Spaces all into one and it is activated by just swiping your 3 fingers on your track pad or magic mouse, to make it more easy for you, they already have a Mission Control Icon.

once you updated to Lion it will be automatically added on to your dock.
what I like about this Mission Control is that if you need more room for your documents and windows you can add some desktop spaces and easily navigate among them.

The second new feature is the Launchpad

By activating the Launchpad you can click the icon on your dock or pinch in your 3 fingers on the track pad or magic mouse. The Launchpad is the Home screen of all your applications that you got from Mac store or the apps that you downloaded through the net, It's just like your home screen on your iPhone, and if you want to delete some apps on your Launchpad, just hold on your OPTION key and the "X" icon on the top left corner of each apps will show and there will be some wiggling animation effect just like in the iPhone, and also you can organize your apps by making a folder, and you're right just like in your iPhone, just drag the apps that you want to be on the same folder.

Well basically that's my top 2 new features of the New MAC OS X LION, some of the other features are:

Multi-Touch Gestures

Full Screen Apps

Auto Save (wow I wouldn't worry anymore if I didn't save my files :))

Air Drop (Its an easy way to share your files to everyone nearby, you can send files wirelessly without wi-fi also, just click this Air drop icon and it automaticaly detects other Air Drop users.)

I forgot, there's another feature that I like, its the new Photobooth :), but I'll be discussing it on a new post, maybe by this weekend I'll post it already, I haven't upgraded to Lion yet, so this weekend I'm so excited to update my OS. :)

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EngrMoks said...

matagal ko na gustong magpalit ng PC, gusto ko ng MacBook para maexperience ang OS na yan. e di ako na ang Sawa sa Windows. LOL

moshpit09 said...

@enrmoks- I also wanted to have a Macbook Pro, so that I can bring it to work, If only i can bring my iMac in our office LOL,

thanks for dropping by

isp101 said...

When I was still working in Makati as a Sales Engineer, what I was selling is all Apple products. And the latest version we had before was the Leopard. Now, with MAC OS X LION, I guess, one of the best feature is, the Multi-touch gestures and Full Screen apps! Tnx for sharing, Mike! =)

moshpit09 said...

@isp101, wait till you see my post about the new photo booth, you'll love it also LOL =)

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