Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NBA Superstars playing in the Philippines

NBA Superstars playing in the Philippines

Four more days before the much anticipated basketball event in the country. The Smart Ultimate All-star weekend . For the first time in Philippine basketball history, Various NBA Superstars will play in the country and thanks to mr Manny V. Pangilinan or well known as MR. MVP, For putting an event like this.

Last week there are a lot of rumors on different social networking sites that various NBA Superstars are going to play in the Philippines at first I ignored the rumor because I know it's impossible that some NBA Stars are going to play here in our country but my friend told me that, it's possible because the NBA is on lockout and then i realize that his right, then after a few days, Coach Chot Reyes tweeted that there will be a game between a selection of some NBA stars and a selection of PBA stars and SMART-GILAS (National Team of the Philippines) After that I was excited and told my friends about it and we're planning on buying a ticket but in just a blink of an eye, almost all of the tickets where sold out, PATRON,LOWER BOX A,LOWER BOX B and UPPER BOX A, only the UPPER BOX B and GENERAL ADMISSION are availble but there reservations are no longer availble if you want to buy you'll have to go to the nearest TICKETNET outlet, and in just a few hours UPPER BOX B is sold out already my friends and then the following day GENERAL ADMISSION is also Sold out, My friends and I are hoping that the games will be also broadcast and God granted our wishes :), For the Basketball fans out there that didn't bought tickets but wanted to watch the game, It will be televised on TV5 and IBC 13 same time as the event. But if you still want to watch it live you can still buy tickets from scalpers but for sure they will double the price of the tickets.

The games will be on July 23-24, 2011, It's a 2 days event, the first day will be NBA STARS VS, PBA STARS at 7 PM and the second day will be against SMART-GILAS at 1 PM,

Here are the list of NBA Superstars selection
DERRICK ROSE (Late addition to the team)
KEVIN DURANT(replaced Deandre Jordan)
Javale Mcgee(still processed on recruiting)

Here are the list of the PBA Stars selection
James Yap
Marc Pingris
Mark Caguioa
JC Intal
Arwin Santos
Rabeh Al-Hussaini
Ryan Reyes
Jason Castro
Larry Fonacier
Sonny Thoss
LA Tenorio
Sol Mercado
Gary David
Gabe Norwood
Danny Seigle

I hope that there'll be another event like this :)

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