Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tekken Movie

The very popular and one of the longest fighting game will hit the big screen...

Tekken was released in 1995 and was i think only in 2D but tekken made a big hit when Tekken 3 was released in the market, many gamers has acknowledge the game play that tekken gives until the following years the makers of tekken has improved it's gameplay, graphics and added characters that it became even more popular. When i was still young i was hoping that the makers of tekken will also make a movie based on the game, and now that when i heard that there will be a tekken movie this 2010, was so excited and I've even waited for the trailer for the past months and then i saw it on one my friends Facebook account. After seeing the trailer I wasn't that excited anymore, yes i still want to watch it but not badly anymore because I doubt that this will be a Big Hit, that's why I didn't include tekken on My blog entry about Upcoming Movies for 2010, and also the stars are only stuntmen that was given a chance to shine ( I think?.. )and Actor that is portraying the role of Jin Kazama? C'mon!! Jin is not that Skinny in the video game.
It's Up to you to Judge Guys...Here's the Trailer For Tekken the movie.

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