Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Philipine Politics campaign period 2010

February 9, 2010 is the most awaited date for the people that is running for the position of Mayor, Councilor, Congressmen, Governor, Senator, Vice President and President or should i say the people who is seeking for power. Well obviously February 9 2010 is the start of the campaign period for the May 2010 Election.
By the way I'm Sorry for my previous post about the 2010 Philippine presidentiables, I Thought they were only six candidates but i was wrong, Jc De los Reyes,and Jamby Madrigal are also candidates for the presidential seat.
February 9 is not only the start of the campaign period but just like my professor told in his political blogs, it is also I quote "The defacement of Manila has begun withe official start of national campaigning for 2010 May. My Professor is right, when i was going to work yesterday morning, i saw the streets of manila turned into different faces as if like they are wanted by the police, every light post, walls, even sari-sari stores has a poster of a candidate, and i know for sure that it's not only in manila even in the provinces, i think when the election date comes closer, the more these hideous faces will appear on the streets.

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