Thursday, February 4, 2010

Steve Jobs iPAD

WUHOOOO Mr. Jobs Did it Again!! As he introduces another superb technology of his company... he really makes a lot of this i-i-thingis. When i first saw this on the News That says Tablet Unveiled, The iPad, at first i was like wooow is that a typographical error? but when i read the article,it's really i"PAD" and i was amazed by it's look because it's so slick and sexy, yeah lol, and also I've searched a video about what you can do in iPad and i saw this, and iPad is really of the hook but i'm not sure about the background music that they chose and also I'm not sure yet about the price of iPad.

Blobber boy over and out

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Anonymous said...

i find the name iPAD weird though. it looks as if they ran out of names to called it so they just changed iPod to iPad =)) but iPad is still cool~ ^^ i like it~

Anonymous said...

I think its the steriod version of ipod + itouch

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