Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plant's VS Zombie's Music Video

Plant's Vs Zombie's Addicts out there you better watch Ms. Sunflowers Concert. =)

I have played this game because i was searching the net for new computer games that is not that complicated, I've search for google games,Computer games, mobile games, puzzle games and on line games and then i saw this plant's vs zombie's, my friends told me that this is a fun game that i should try it myself and I immediately ask my friend if i can have a copy of P.V.Z. and then after 1 hour, i was already hooked on playing this game. Then one day When I was searching the net for some videos, i came across on my friends site then i saw this music video..i thought it was only some clips of the game and a background music but instead it was really a music video, the sunflower is having concert and her audiences are the zombies,and the lyrics is so funny, i was laughing out loud when i saw this video. Hope you like it guyz.

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