Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Philippine Presidentiables

From Top Left:
Bro. Eddie Villanueva "The Holy One"
Former Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro "The Administrator's Puppet"
Senator Benigno Aquino "The Mama and Papas Boy"
From Lower Left:
Senator Dick Gordon "Mr. Transformer"
Senator Manny Villar "Mr. I am poor, I am poor, I am poor"
Former President Joseph Estrada "The X-President"

These are The Six Presidentiables, Now who will you vote for, is it the holy one, the administrators puppet, the mamas and papas boy, Mr. transformer, Mr. I am poor, i am poor, i am poor, or the x-president?
last November the political ads of these presidentiables is slowly starting to dominate the tv advertisements, back then I still don't have a candidate in my mind until i saw the different presidentiable forums and i was amazed by the administrators puppet because he was straight forward on answering the questions that was thrown to him not like Mr. I am poor (3x) he starts his statements that he came from a poor family and so on. and also because many people is saying that the administrators puppet is really genius and good but unfortunately the downside is that he chose to be the administrators bet, and as we all know if you are a filipino, many people are mad at the current administrator that's why in every forum that he participates in, there's always a question that is thrown to him about being the administrator's bet and if the administrator is planning on controlling him if he wins something like that, but even though these kind of questions is thrown to him a lot, he still manage to answer it, that's why i chose him as my candidate.
That's my personal view back then until i met this cab driver, i think the second week of January, when i was in the office and then i realized that i forgot something in our house and i really need to get it before lunch time that's why i run outside and wait for a cab and then when we got to my house i told the cab driver to wait for me, because it will just take a few seconds to get the thing that i forgot, so that i won't have to look for another cab on the way back to office, and while where on our way back to the office i ask him who will he vote for the position of president, and he told me that he is still undecided, and he explained to me why he is still undecided, and then one by one he told me about the possibilities on what will be the agenda of these six presidents if they will win, like for example Mr. I am Poor(3x) he told me that why is he seeking for a higher position and not just higher but the highest position, even though as we all know that he is a billionaire, i told him maybe because of power?and he told me that that's given to all candidates they want to seek power but for mr. i am poor(3x) he want's to protect his business if he becomes a president, and for the administrators puppet as usual maybe he will just be the puppet of the administrator, and for the mamas and papas boy, he doesn't have the credentials of being a good president if ever he wins, his just well known because of his family name and for the rest i already forgot on what he said to them lol, after that he told me that even though his just a cab driver his political view is different among the rest, he carefully analyzes the situations and doesn't make any decision right away, after my own political view has changed, so for the administrators puppet, good bye to you!! lol. so that's all for now

Blobber Boy Over and Out

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