Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jabbawockeez in the Philippines for a while

The Jabba Fever is back in the philippines for the second time, and this time the there staying longer.
The first time that the Jabbawockeez visited the philippines, me and my girlfriend was so excited, specially for my girlfriend because she has crush on swaggerboy, that's why she was eager to see the jabbawockeez but unfortunately we where late on the dance concert of the jabbawockkez that's why we were seated very far at the stage. Now when i heard that the Jabbawockeez are coming back, I told my girlfriend right away and guess what? she already knew that they are coming back in the philippines, and she told me too that they will be no longer do do shows in America and that they will be settling here in the Philippines, I was shock at the first time and ask my girlfriend why would they do that, i know that there are some Filipino members of the Jabbawockeez but i think that's not the reason why they would settle here in Philippines and I've search the net to make sure that this is true, and i saw some forums that is saying the same thing that my Girlfriend told me and after a few weeks I've seen Jabbawockeez on ASAP(Concert TV program), Banana Split(A GAG SHOW) Regularly so it made me think that maybe it is true but to make things be more clear I've visited the official Site of Jabbawockeez. and It's not true that they will be settling in the Philippines. They will just stay longer. Here are there Schedules:
ASAP XV - Every Sunday beginning January 31- March 14, 20 and 21at Bananasplit; FebFest on Friday,
February 5 in Cebu City, Philippines;
and FebFest on Saturday,
February 6 in Taguig City, Manila, Philippines.

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Eigroj Stain said...

I love Jabbawockeez... They were my favorite in ABDC season 1...

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