Monday, October 31, 2011

The Walking Dead season 2 Online Streaming

The Walking Dead Season 2 is I think the most anticipated Tv Series this year, because of its suspense, thrilling, action pack, zombifying(I just made that up =)) moments, it has garnered a lot of audience all over the world. Here in the Philippines the airing of The Walking Dead season 2 is delayed by less than one week, so its quite frustrating for us to wait for the next episode, thats why most of us are asking Uncle G or Google and I guess here are some of your questions to Uncle G. Where can I watch The Walkind Dead Season 2 online?, The Walking Dead season 2 Online streaming, full episodes of The Walking Dead season 2, walking dead episode 3 online or even free movies, movie online, streaming video and many more.

Well you don't have to worry anymore, I made this post to help you (and of course to update my blog, I'm having a hard time to come up with a topic lately =D). I found this website last year, a friend of mine told me about this website and this is....(drum roll)

Channel 131

Before you click on that link, hope that you'll finish reading my post first :D
Now the best thing about Channel 131 is the simplicity of there website, the design is just plain simple easy to maneuver, no extra links, yes there are some ads but not like the other online streaming websites that keeps you clicking on links, links, links and end up paying to view the video.
In Channel 131 there's no such thing as links, links, links! all you have to do is go to the TV SHOW tab on the left corner and go to letter T and locate The Walking Dead and once you click it, you'll see that season 1 is also there so if you have missed some episode in season 1 you could watch it there also and if you're finish watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead season 2 then you could browse on some of your other favorite shows, like Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory(I love this), The Vampire Diaries, and even reality shows like American Idol and many many more, ooopps but wait there's more!!! There's also a MOVIE tab, If you're also a Movie geek then Channel 131 is definitely for you, they also have some wide selections of movies.

So what are you waiting for Click on that link above. I just sounded like an informercial again LOL.
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Robert said...

What day and/or time does the Walking Dead shown here in the Philippines? :) I'm an avid fan of this series, but I juse download every episode of it. Have never watched it on TV nor live stream.

Blobber-Boy said...

@Robert- hi sir, In the US the schedule of airing is every Sunday aroun 9 pm so here in the Philippines thats Monday, and you could already watch the latest episode in Channel 131, after a few hours it aired in the US, so thats super fast. While in the TV, I think it is aired in FOX channel every Saturday night and it is 1 week delayed, so its better if you'll watch it online.

by the way thanks for dropping by

Walking Dead Addict said...

hi blobberboy great post. Thanks for sharing ch131 :)

pauldoh said...

Sit, nalagay na kita.. :) sorry po di ko napansin na di kita nalagay sa blogroll, nafilter din kasi sa spam yung comment mo.. sorry po..

Blobber-Boy said...

@sir pauldoh-oks lang po yun hehe thanks sa pag add sa blog ko

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