Friday, October 14, 2011

iOS 5 is here!

We have been waiting for this for so many months, and the time has come! iOS 5 is here!
Months before Apple releases it's newest iPhone, we already know that iOS 5 is coming and we all thought that they would release it together with the iPhone 4S, but we have to wait for a week, and now iOS 5 is available to everyone! Personally I think iOS 5 would be the best iOS yet to come, because it has a lot of cool features.

iOS 5 is here!

Here are the new features of iOS 5:

Notification Center:
Just like in android, you'll have notifications on your lock screen, only if you want to, but if you don't want it, you can just adjust it in the settings, and on your home screen, you could just slide down on your top screen and all of your notifications will be there.

For me this would be the coolest feature of iOS 5. Just like BlackBerry Message or well known as BBM.With iMessage you can now send text to fellow iPhone, iPod touches and iPad users for free, you can also have group messages and the best part is you can also send photos, videos and locations. But you can only use iMessage if you have a Wi-Fi connection or 3G.

Twitter Integration:
In Twitter Integration you can now Tweet directly in Safari, Photos, Camera, Youtube and even maps, Twitter has been made easy in iOS5.

Camera Enhancements:
You can now access your camera even in the lock screen by double pressing the home button and a camera icon will show up and another good part here is you can now use your volume up button as a shutter button that makes the camera 3,000% more great.

Now you won't have to worry on remembering everything you want to do, you'll just have to list down your to-do lists in your iPhone and it automatically reminds you. And you can also use SIRI to remind your iPhone to remind you about your future plans, isn't that great, just like a personal secretary.

In iCloud it back ups and synchronize your files in various Apple Devices such as your iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

Those are just the great new features of iOS 5 and some are just minimal upgrades.
I guess this iOS 5 is really promising, I might as well give up my Jailbroken iPhone and upgrade to iOS 5.

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so this is what some people at work are talking about!

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