Sunday, October 23, 2011

The first 3D projection mapping in the Philippines

Hi guys how's your weekend? This is just another short post, just this friday I found out in my friends Facebook account that there will be an event showcasing The first 3D projection mapping in the Philippines, I'f you're not aware about 3D projection mapping, take a look at my post "The 4D Experience of Ralph Lauren". Ralph Lauren was the first one to do 3D mapping in the fashion scene. Its basically projecting or showing some visuals on a building but the twist is that as if the building is distorting, morphing or changing into something that looks real.

Later on I'll show you the video teaser of The first 3D projection mapping in the Philippines, this is a partnership between Ariel and Bench. In own opinion I don't see any relation between the 3D mapping and the brand Ariel? but for Bench I guess the'll do a fashion show just like what Ralph Lauren did, maybe for Ariel they just want to promote there newest feature of there bleach powder the 3D deep clean.

The show is going to happen this coming October 24, 2011 6PM infront of Microtel Mall of Asia, maybe I'll try to watch the show after office hours, so see guys there.

Here's the teaser for The first 3D projection mapping in the Philippines:

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Semidoppel said...

Wow...impressive..that looks nice

Herbert said...

Astig! P&G (Procter and Gamble) really gave their all for advertising.. Impressive!

Blobber-Boy said...

@Semidoppel and Herbert- at first ganito din reaction ko, but when I attended the event, I was a bit disappointed at the 3D projection mapping that they did, kala ko magiging kasing ganda ng Ralph Lauren, pero hindi pala, I'll be posting the video of the event soon

Maia Dobson said...

I've seen a lot of 3D shows and 3D advertising here in the New York and I'd say this one is equally awesome. Great show! Thanks for sharing!

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