Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pacquiao VS Mosley video highlights

To those who haven't seen the fight, I have made a Pacquiao VS Mosley Video highlights, forgive me for the low quality of the video.

Manny Pacquiao has defeated Shane Mosley for the WBO Welterweight Championship, and I'm a Pacquiao fan so I was so happy that Pacquiao or also known as pacman won the fight by Unanimous Decision, personally the fight was not that good, because Most of the fight Shane Mosley was on a Defensive Mode and doesn't want to go toe to toe against Pacquiao. In the third round Mosley was knocked down and Mosley admitted that he was surprised by the Power of Pacquiao's Punch but on the 10th round, Pacquiao went down on the floor because of a push by Mosley and referee Kenny Baileys called it a knocked down, every Pacquiao Fan in the arena was boo-ing (including myself :)) if you'll see it in the replay it was really a push by Mosley that got Pacquiao on the floor, then after that Pacquiao was pissed by the call and he was stepping on the gas and going for the kill, but unfortunately he didn't manage to knocked out Mosley anymore but he dominated the remaining rounds after that incident. And Kudos to Shane Mosley for having a great respect for Pacquiao. Now The Big Question is, is there going to be a Pacquiao Mayweather fight?, everybody wants to see that fight push through but if Mayweather keeps on evading Pacquiao then it will just be a dream for us, but I hope Mayweather will step up and end see who the best fighter really is!

here is the Pacquiao Mosley Video highlights

*Disclaimer:I do not owned the video clips that i have used, it's credited to there respective owners and to the network who has the video coverage rights of the fight.
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isp101 said...

Pacquiao did great, but Mosley looked like a bit scared! Didn't even fight Pacquiao toe to toe, was very hesitant throughout the fight! Tnx for sharing, Myk! =)

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