Saturday, May 14, 2011

Justin Bieber Being rude to a Filipino fan

There's this video that is spreading in every social networking sites like facebook, twitter and many more, and it's about Justin Bieber's attitude towards a Filipino fan.

This video of Justin Bieber was uploaded in youtube by V7andrea and the video is entitled "Justin Bieber - How arrogant can you be" and this was his/her description:

"Arrogant kid.. READ DESCRIPTION thank you

My father(in neon green vest) tried to get an autograph from Justin Bieber for my sister. But take a look on what he did. He tapped my father's hand and the cd fell on the floor. Nobody from his crew helped him. Not even an apology from Justin Bieber himself.

Where are your manners now kiddo? i know you're sick but you could've at least said sorry you are not signing anything.

How could you do that to my father."

here is the Video:

well guys, what do you think?
I'm not against Justin Bieber and I know that he is sick and tired because of his hectic schedules but that's not enough to do that to a fan, because if it wasn't for Justin Bieber's fans he would not reach this kind of stardom, I think Justin Bieber needs to do a public apology. You can share your opinions here, just comment down below.

For the Original Video go here:
Justin Bieber - How arrogant can you be?

If you want to download Justin Bieber's new movie go here

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Anonymous said...

Don't you dare come back to our country anymore you Arrogant Spoilt bratt..!!!!you're no longer welcome here, no fans either..We are really sorry for inviting you here..!!!!

Anonymous said...

my is not just this time he is being rude...he is alot of times in differet occasions while in the gosh.....he should be teach some manners...

Anonymous said...

maybe cos this fucked up brat is brought up single handed by his mother....he thinks he's so famous he don't need to give an apology. go fuck yourself idiot.

Diamond R said...


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