Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winila Mania

The Winila Mania!!!! Hey Guys want to Spend Small and Win Big? then you should try Winila. Winila is a Place for really exciting, fast-paced internet auctions. They have revolutionize the Auctioning industry. I'm a Witness to the Great items that Winila is giving, and I'll share to you my Experience.

I was on there on the Launching of Winila in SM Mall of Asia SMX Convention center, I was just there for the E-games Domination, Just looking around on Different Booths and then suddenly a promo girl from Winila insisted to buy 1 Voucher card and that i should try bidding for great items, at first I was not inerested, and then I stopped by Winila's Booth, And then I saw how it works. after watching those guys bid and someone really won an item for a low price not just low price but Super Low price, after that I saw that they are also Auctioning a Ps3 that's why I bought another Voucher but Unfortunately I didn't got the PS3, After That day, They are still Auctioning items on there Site and because I have some remaining Bids from the Convention I used that to Bid for a laptop, and guess what?....I won haha

here's a Proof that i won.

For only 212 pesos, I won a laptop, but It's not that easy 'coz there are some Bidders who are also persistent like me to win the item.

And my latest item that i won is a PS3!! yeah!! here's another Proof.

Again for only 218 pesos,this is so great!! It's Reall a WINILA MANIA!!! Thanks Winila!!...

For more Information about Winila visit there site:

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WiniLa said...

..... mykferrer09...

We're so happy you WON! TWICE!!!
Pass by to claim your ACER ... I think we still have it sitting in the office for you!! Thanks for the great post on your blog!! Stay tuned for more exciting chances to win great prices.....


PS... We think your PS3 is also waiting for you!! :)

Glenn said...

wow astig.. totoo ba yan bka bola yan pre ah? mag sa sign up nga rin ako.. hehe

hitech said...

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