Monday, March 5, 2012

iPad 3 Concept feature

While browsing my facebook account just this afternoon, I've stumbled upon a post by yugatech blog about the iPad 3 Concept feature, so I decided to re-share it.

For the past few months, there have been so many speculations about the upcoming iPad 3, some even made their own designs and features of iPad 3, by editing some photos and videos, but I guess this video you're about to watch would probably be the best iPad 3 Concept feature ever made, it's has a CG effect on it with a realistic touch to it.

The main features of this video ( iPad 3 Concept feature ) is an edge to edge screen, no more home button, pure touch screen, plus a magnetic side body with Near field Communication also known as NFC that can connect to other iPad 3 and I guess the last feature would probably be the most awesome in this video, the 3D hologram display, I hope that in the near future this would push through.

iPad 3 Concept feature

Watch also the iPhone 5 Concept feature from the same person who did the iPad 3 Concept feature.

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