Sunday, February 5, 2012

iPhone 5 rumors: release date and speculations

Before iPhone 4S was released by Apple, I blogged about the iPhone 5 rumors but unfortunately a lot of us were disappointed because instead of iPhone 5 it was only iPhone 4S but still, because of Apple's brilliant marketing efforts a lot of people still bought the iPhone 4S and just after a week since the release of iPhone 4S their are already rumors of iPhone 5 being released this 2012 and guess what, it's already 2012 and a lot of techies out there are blogging about the iPhone 5 rumors, the release date and speculations, now let's see what are the predicted features of the new iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 rumors: release date and speculations

Apple has not yet given an official statement on when would the release date of iPhone 5, so there are a lot of speculations around the tech world and I'll just discussed the most important predictions on what would the iPhone 5 will look like inside and out.

A lot of tech people are speculating that iPhone 5 will be released this March together with iPad 3 if not it would be on June.
There are 5 major features that a lot of tech bloggers are expecting to be in the iPhone 5.

Brand new design
iPhone 4S was just similar to iPhone 4 so this iPhone 5 we are expecting on a revamp on the design and one of them is the screen size, it would be larger around 4 inches plus maybe there will be no home button anymore and a maybe a bit slimmer. If it's really slimmer I hope that it wouldn't be like the latest iPod touch.

Maybe It's about time that 4G will be included in iPhone 5, and if that's the case your web browsing experience would be faster and you would enjoy it more.

A6 Processor
A6 Processor was first mention in the upcoming iPad 3 and maybe it would likely be included on iPhone 5, with this A6 Processor there'll be more horsepower and better graphics for the iPhone 5 plus it would better for the 4G LTE also.

Even though iPhone 4S has 8 Mega Pixel I guess we are expecting adjustments on this category, iPhone 5 might have 12 Mega Pixel and 2 Mega Pixel on the front camera.

iOS 6
A new OS would be likely to come on the release date of iPhone 5.

Here are some of the videos I've found on what would be the look of the upcoming iPhone 5:

If you're planning to buy an iPhone, are you going to wait for the iPhone 5? and If you already have an iPhone are you going to upgrade it into iPhone 5? comment down below.

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chrisair said...

haven't had my own but planning to get the plan, but now I am confused with your post, still undecided if I will get one or not

Blobber-Boy said...

@chrisair-I was also planning to get a plan in globe, but Maybe I'll just save up for a macbook pro instead, Im fine with my 3GS :), haven't you notice, the plans of smart and globe for iPhone 4S are much cheaper than expected, and that's because iPhone 5 is coming. thanks for visiting and commenting :D

Aj Banda said...

pag karelease nito, rumor naman ni IP6 ang lalabas.. LOL

Apple really knows how to market their product.. :p said...

iPhone 5 will coming soon with its awesome features. Thanks for sharing !!! I have also made a post about iPhone 5 features you might wanna see

Bye the way How are you blobberboy ?

sell used cell phones said...

That makes consumers crazy about the realease.

Blobber-Boy said...

@whar-latest-thanks for visiting, Im doing fine by the way :)

@sell used cellphones-yup you're right thanks for visiting :)

juneosidabenitez said...

Hay. If ever matuloy yan parang nakakasad lang..hahaha.. Wala pa nga ako ung pinaka unang ipod.

トリー バーチ(tory burch) said...

もううんざり、もう何も考えたくない、もうこのような繰り返しばっかりの生活に飽きてしまい、もういい!という文句を抱いた人だちにiPhoneケースをオススメいたします。お選びできるスタイルが盛りだくさん、誇りに思っています。JILL STUART iphone caseは遊び心を加え、なんか、子供時代の夢をじつげんしてくれたような気がします。また JACK SPADE iphone caseも、独特なデザインが著しく、印象的です。当ショップはあなたのご希望に裏ぎりはしません。低価格、高品質はここしかありません。

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