Wednesday, December 14, 2011

List of Penny Auction Sites in the Philippines

Penny Auction Sites are most popular in the states, these auction sites are not your regular auction, maybe most of you doesn't know about what is a Penny Auction, I'll be giving you just a short description about it.

Penny Auction is an auction where in bidders bid on a specific item and every auction the starting price is zero, and every time someone will bid on that item, the price will increase and the increment is a penny that's why it's called Penny Auction. On every item there is a countdown and usually bidders will start to bid on that item when the timer is less than 20 sec and the catch here is every time someone bids the timer will reset to 10, 15,or 20 sec. in order for you to win you should be the last bidder when the time reaches zero and there should be no one that will outbid you.

Penny Auction Sites are popular in the states because you're like buying your favorite item for low low price, like 90% Off, yup you read it right up to 90% Off. Maybe you're asking yourself right now how do these Penny Auction Sites earn money, well they are gaining lots of money through the BID POINTS in order for you to bid you need to sign up on their website and that is free and you need to have a BID POINTS and these points or credits are expensive most of the Sites are offering 10 Bid Points for $5 that's roughly 230 pesos and with 10 BID POINTS you have a low chance of winning, so some bidders buy almost 500 BID POINTS or even a thousand.

Now Penny Auction Sites are here in the Philippines, Later on this post I'll be giving the List of Penny Auction Sites in the Philippines, but first I like to share my experience on these Penny Auction Site.

Maybe It's safe to say that the first ever Penny Auction Site in the Philippines is WINILA back in 2009 and they only lasted around a year, I was one of the first bidders of Winila and I already have bought/won a lot of items that has up to 90% off discount, Like my first win an Acer Laptop I won it for only 200 pesos, Play Station 3 for 200 pesos only check out my post about Winila Mania for some proof.

here is a photo of some of the items that I bought/won in Winila. I also won an iPhone 3GS for 250 pesos only and a lot PS3 games.

During the time of Winila, they don't have yet a competitor but after Winila was gone PisoBid was born but from a different company. And because they were the first Penny Auction Site to launch after Winila, Now they are considered as the No. 1 Penny Auction Site in the Philippines. They have variety of items to be auction like gadgets such as, smartphones, laptops, computers, and many more plus they also offer bags for ladies, perfume, Gift Certificates and many more.

Among all the Penny Auction Site in the Philippines, I think Bilibid is the most unique in terms of website layout plus it has a touch of a filipino approach with its tagalog interface. When it comes to variety of items to offer I guess Bilibid can already match up against PisoBid.

Pinoy Bidders is more on Gift Certificate, so to all those who loves Gift Certificates you should try Pinoy Bidders.

A new kid on the block, is the newest Penny Auction Site in the Philippines and even though they are new the variety of the items that they offer are good, just last week they auctioned an iPhone 4S. If you have noticed it's website layout is similar to PisoBid.

Now what are you waiting for, try these Penny Auction Sites try your luck maybe you could win an iPhone 4s for only 300 pesos or if you haven't thought of what gift to give to your love ones this holiday season then visit these sites.

For more information about how Penny Auction works just visit the help section of each sites that I have mentioned.


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isp101 said...

Wow, dami mo ng nabili sa WINILA! Good for you, Mike! Parang gusto ko na rin mag bid, nakaka tempt, hehehe! =)

Glenn said...

Yung Laptop nya ako naka bili nun, yung P200 naging P15,000 .. ang lupet 75 times return of investment. Yan si Mike. hehe.

Blobber-Boy said...

@sir jomi- sa winila lang ako madaming nahakot pero dyan sa mga ibang sites na yan, hindi na..dami na kasing kalaban hehe pero yung dad ko sobrang hustler dyan hehe dami na nya napanalunan mga plasma TV's, iPad 2 at madami pa hehe

Blobber-Boy said...

@sir Glenn-hahaha presyong kaibgan na nga yun diba...original pricing ko nun nasa 21k hahaha

Asho said...

i am really wondering weather penny action sites really work... i tried that before but i never won anything...

Diana Roxas said...

Wow! Ang daming mo nang napanalunan! Sana dati ko nalaman to. Hehe.. I also tried pero hindi ako manalo eh, kahit 1k bid pack pa binili ko. My friend shared to me a new site similar to this, he won an itouch and bagong launched lang sila. Checkout mukang masmura ang bid packs dito compare sa PisoBid and I even saw the actual item na napanalunan ng friend ko. Sana ako din manalo ng ganto!

Blobber-Boy said...

@Asho-yup penny auction sites really works, I already won several items.

@Diana- mahirap na tlga manalo sa mga bid sites ngayon, thanks for sharing, I might try that as well.

Tristan @ Virtual SEO Assistant said...

Hello bro!

It's good to know that you are a bidder yourself. And WOW! I'm drooling on the Acer laptop, PS3 and Wii!

By the way, I’m giving away 10 codes, each with 50 bidpoints to be used at website. Joining is simple and it only takes a few steps!

Just head over my blog ( and I'm sure you won't miss it since it's a featured post.

Happy bidding!

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