Friday, November 18, 2011

iPad 3 rumors

I know that iPad 3 rumors were already here since the beginning of time, just kidding :), but they were already a lot of blog articles about iPad 3 rumors since the start of the year, so I just decided to blog about it also today.

iPad 3 rumors

In the US Apple already lessen the deliveries and orders for an iPad 2 and because of that a lot techy people thought that maybe iPad 3 will be likely to be seen in the supply chain of Apple.

Now let's talk about the rumored specs of iPad 3. With the latest gadget released, the iPhone 4S, a lot of Tech bloggers are saying that the new iPad might have SIRI in it, well I guess if they will put SIRI on iPad 3 it would be a perfect fit for iPad platform, you won't have to worry on typing anymore and all sorts of things. Another addition would be the FULL HD on the iPad 3 with a 2048×1536 HD display, while iPad 2 has only 1024 x 768, I think this would be great specially in games applications and other ipad apps. And the last rumor is the processor, both iPhone 4S and iPad 2 runs dual-core A5 processor and maybe the new ipad will have an A6 processor and it would either dual-core again or a quad-core. Quad-core would be so awesome, I think that would really boost up the next iPad. But just like what I posted before about the rumors about the iPhone 5, we all thought that it would be an iPhone 5 instead it was iPhone 4S, so guys don't be surprised if Apple won't be releasing an iPad 3, instead it will be an iPad 2S.

For me I think the release date and the event on ipad will be early next year (2012)

So guys what are your speculations on the new ipad? For those who already have an iPad 2 would you upgrade and buy the upcoming iPad 3 or iPad 2S? For those who are just planning to buy yet there first iPad, are you going to wait for the new iPad or your so excited to buy iPad 2 already? specially this coming holiday season.

Check out the full details of Apple's newest iPad.
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Gladys | said...

*drooling* i'd definitely buy an ipad3 :)

Blobber-Boy said...

@Gladys-thanks for visiting :)

What'S Latest said...

good post...
bye the way how r u?

Blobber-Boy said...

@what's latest- thanks for visiting..I'm good a little bit busy so I haven't updated my blog for a week now

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