Monday, August 2, 2010

Vote and Win a Brand New Black Berry Curve 8520

Vote and Win a Brand New Black Berry Curve 8520, that's right just by voting you'll have a chance to win a Brand new Black Berry Curve 8520. How will you win? is the no. 1 buy and sell website in the Philippines right now and it's there 4th year anniversary, along side there celebration they have put up a Banner making contest, a banner ad to be used on there website. There Main instruction is to make a Banner ad Creatively displaying and depicting the new tagline which is "Buy it. Sell it. Sulit." and it is open to all members and I happened to be a member that's why I made several entries and after the deadline of submission, there are 400 official entries that has been accepted and out of those 400 entries they will have a 3 days internal judging The criteria's are of course Creativity, Originality and Over-all presentation. After the 3 day Internal judging They are going to pick the Top 20, Imagine that Only 20 entries will make it as a finalist out of 400 entries, and guess what, One of my entries made it to the top 20!!!

Now I'm asking for your help to vote for my entry!

When I submitted my banner ad that got it to the top 20 It was ENTRY 300
therefore please vote for Banner 300.
But first I will show you my banner ad and the rationale behind the design.

Ever wonder what’s behind, is not just your ordinary webpage/site in the internet where you can have plenty of friends, socialize with other people and play, hence, offers a great and exciting way of helping small businesses, young entrepreneurs and buyers to earn money or have great products and even services in the easiest way possible.

With this banner ad, I have designed a large flip page of the main website of, with “FULL OF GREAT DEALS” as a copy to answer the questions of most internet/web users when browsing the net. This will not only attract the current users/members of, but it will also appeal to new audiences.

Let’s based it on the insight, that when people are looking for new websites, they tend to browse and study even the smallest details of the site, and with this banner ad, it’s like unveiling the mystery of, that behind this website, are lots of great deals (gadgets, bags, clothes, even pets and even houses) are waiting to be opened.

Here are the steps on how to vote:(read first all the steps)
STEP 1: Go to This Link Top 20 banners of
STEP 2:If you have an account already skip step 2 and 3 if not yet make an account first in order for you to vote, and a little info after you send your email a box will appear that says wait for 30 min of confirmation on your email don't wait for damn 30 mins. just go straight on your email and confirm it.
STEP 3:After Making an account go back to this Link Top 20 banners of
STEP 4: Look for Banner 300 and cast your votes (you can vote only once)
That's it and you'll have a chance on the Grand raffle of the Brand New Black Berry Curve 8520!!

If you want you can tell this to your friends and relatives so that more chances of winning and Don't forget VOTE FOR BANNER 300!!

The Banner that will have the most votes will be declared as the People's Choice Award
But this doesn't mean that He/She will be the Over-all Winner, Because the Votes is just a percentage it will be added to the Judges score card.
The Prizes
1st place: iMac
2nd place: Black Berry Bold
3rd: iPod Touch

I'm hoping that I will be the 1st place LOL!

Unfortunately I'm just a new member of
and some of the members that got in to top 20 are member since 2007 I think and they already have a lot of friends in, that's why I'm trying my best to promote my entry alone, That's why I made some Promotional Poster for my entry
Hope you like it haha


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ruel said...

voted: hope you'd make it!!! goodluck

Nilo said...

balato ha!

cablay said...

congrats tol astig

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